In response to Pretzellogic:

Ah, you must be thinking of the Day in the Life of a Food segments. They were one of my favorite parts of TTV.

I remember a press article that interviewed the show producers about where most of the material came from. It mentioned that these particular bits came from a New York local kids TV show. The guy eating/torturing the food was the host of the show, IIRC. I think this show also provided TTV with full screen comic book style skits as well; it was one of these skits where I first heard about the existence of the mythical place known as Yonkers.

I also remember a very funny bit from that same show depicting a war between two kingdoms. "One was ruled by a king, the other was ruled... by a clown." The show host did Carl Sagan-like narration over a battlefield of tanks made of hamburger boxes. That's right, World War III as fought by the Burger King and Ronald McDonald.

Another bit from TTV I remember, "This was... BOOM! NUUUUUUTS!" I'm pretty sure that was the intro for a European comedy show.