Technos of Japan spawned a whole line of Mr. Kunio (the name for that character in Japan) games. Crash and the Boys was one of them. There was a street challenge game, and an ice challenge game. But CatB Ice Challenge never made it to the US.

I consider this game to be the best game on the NES, as opposed to all other games. The fact that you could take on the gangs, or take on your friend (in some cases, my dad) was almost too much for me to handle when I was a little kid. About 5 years since I had originally sold all my old nintendo games, I went back and bought a copy of this for $20 (the next week at Funcoland, it had gone back up to $25 its original price, who knows, it might end up being the next Dragon Warrior IV). I didn't regret it for a second. The techno theme song that endured since Super Dodgeball, although modified a little, remained the same. This was a source of beauty to me.

I played through it with a friend in an all night gaming spree (that involved a lot of Street Fighter Alpha 3 to warm up), and he agreed with me that it was fantastic, especially the part where he could beat me silly with a trashcan. I clocked him upside the head for that. But RCR (ooh, it gives me chills and has me talking in abbreviations!), with its mentality of "Oatmeal cookies and Chow Mein make you mighty," and "If you hit gang members hard enough, they become honors students!" has everything I could ever want in a game.

Plus, the fact that Randy and Andy, "The Dragon Twins", had the Double Dragon theme song as their own, just added a whole new dimension. I believe this has to be one of the first video game 'in-jokes'.

Anyway, RCR was a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic game. I still sit down and play it sometimes.

For a run down of what I like as far as video games go, RCR is the best NES game. Megaman 2 and Final Fantasy would probably be my other favorites. Monks put the flip in the flipmode, which is the squiddod.