I recently bought this game (right after Christmas, in fact) to take to college with me. Yeah, a NES game. Nobody but me owns a nintendo on my hall, and I had the dubious audacity to bring in an 8 bit system, replete with River City Ransom, Megaman 2, Xexyz, and 12 copies of Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt (hey, they were nine cents a piece). My major faux pas was not having a 2nd player controller, which I also remedied over Christmas, so... inevitably, I goaded people away from their PS's, and PS2's, and Dreamcasts, to play a few games. Double Dragon was a game I had issues with. The arcade version was awesome (for it's time), but the home version was stuck with a 2 player alternating system (pronounced 'lame'), and not a lot of fun things to do. The 1 vs. 1 combat never lasts for long, as I tend to get in the groove to the point where people in the room will just stop playing fighting games with me.

The first thing I noticed about DD3 is that it's hard to play. The control is kinda sloppy, and the enemies all have the same repertoire of moves that you do. I mean, in DD1, at least you could elbow people, and kick 'em while they're down, and all that good stuff, in this game, it's just... too... something. I find that I get farther in UT playing on the godlike difficulty level than I do on level uno of DD3. The worst part of this is that I remember being able to make it past the Chinese guy when I originally played it. Now I can't get anywhere.

So... it looks funky (nes game), and it plays decently (hey, better control than asteroids!), and I would reccommend it over Contra, well, maybe not Contra, but it's definitely better than, say... Mario Party, or Quest 64, for that matter.