She asked me how much I trusted her. Why would she ask me something like that? What motivation lies behind such a question? As soon as those words drifted up from her lips, my mind was crowded by images of other men and a sticky mess of after-dark, lights out physical pleasure, none of which involved me.

The next thing that came out of that beautiful mouth was her laugh. It is the kind of laugh that you have to hear to understand, it cannot really be described other than by me saying that it makes the heart leap to hear. ‘You are so paranoid’ she said, eyes rolling to the sky, a toothy grin spreading across her face. ‘You should have seen your face when I said that, it was incredible. Whatever happened to calm and serene in the face of danger?’ she giggled and kissed my cheek.

She knows that as far as paranoia goes I make Senator McCarthy look like the Dalai Lama at his most Zen. It was not funny until about an hour later when I did realize that she was just having a bit of fun at the expense of my sanity.

She is beautiful, I am regular. I don’t know how it happened, but we are together and when she says things like that, all kinds of things happen to my internal balance and chemistry. I am too damn paranoid and she is too damn mischievous, but it is fun to screw with each others heads from time to time.

She once told me that I was amazing, my response was ‘I’m not amazing, I’m just a different kind of ordinary.’