Chasing the Postman

It all started when I found myself running. It was in the middle of the day, in the quiet city of Levanger, Norway. I was not sure of why I was running, but it seemed as if I was running to catch someone/something. I looked into my hand, where I saw a sword very similar to Frodos sting. When I looked up again I realized that the person I was chasing was the postman. I did not know why I was chasing the postman, but for some reason I hated his guts. When I ran him down I tripped him, but suddenly I woke up and started to wonder what the hell this could mean. Two hours ago I found out (look up my w/u in the day log).

My First Lucid Dream

I awake, lying in bed. One eye is open, and through it, I see a fuzzy, distorted blue and gray version of my bedroom. A combination padlock floated near in front of me. I scoff at my waking state, wishing I could sleep more, and I close my open eye.

Wait a minute. A padlock? Floating in the air? Excuse me. That defies reality. I know what's going on. I'm dreaming. I must take advantage.

In my realization, my bedroom is replaced with a blank canvas, the empty gray of the mind. The question is, what shall I do? How shall I entertain myself in this stroke of lucidity?

I summon... a horny young girl, for sex. She appears effortlessly. Much to my dismay, I cannot see her face, nor can I tell if she has clothes on. She is also frozen in a statue-like state. Enough of her. It's time to fly!

A floor is composed beneath me, and I begin to rise. With this rising, comes a deeper sleep, and the loss of the dream.

It is said that sex is not possible in lucid dreams, and for me, this is telling evidence.

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