Gladiator is also the name of the popular rock band from Slovakia formed in 1991. Since then they came over a big change in style from hard trashmetal to pop-rock but still with a high energy. Originaly they started to sing in english and scored high also in MTV rock/metal charts, which was really a success for a newcomer band from eastern Europe. The singles played were named In your head (from the album Third eye) and Sweet little mouse (from the album Dogstime). After that the band decided to come nearer to their home fans and sings mostly in slovak language.


1992 - Designation
1993 - Made of Pain
1994 - Third Eye
1996 - Dogstime
1997 - Legal Drug

1999 - Viem, kde Boh spi
2000 - Babylon Hotel
2002 - Single 1994-2002
2002 - Crepy
2004 - Cesta do neba
2006 - Mesto
2007 - ...ako pred tym

Recent members of the band:
Miko Hladky (vocals, guitar)
Maros Hladky (bass)
Georgio Babulic (drums, vocals)
Livo (guitar, vocals)
Peto Slamecka (keys, hammond)