Legal Drug is a manga series written by the artist/writer group known as CLAMP. It was first published in Japan by the Kadakawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. It was translated and released 2 years later in America by Tokyopop.

Like much of CLAMP's work, Legal Drug is a modern set story with supernatural themes. Like many other works by them, it also displays shounen-ai themes, though this is the first that I know of that has it as one of its central points.

Yes, Rikuo. I wish you wouldn't talk about me like I'm some kind of pimp. -Kakei

The story revolves around Kudo Kazahaya and Rikuo Himura, two young men employed by the Green Drugstore. The store is owned and operated by Kakei and his apparent boyfriend (as the two are often seen in cuddling poses when alone). A precog of more than a little ability, he often offers special night time jobs to the boys, which the over exuberant (and often empty wallet-ed) Kudo takes to make ends meet. The jobs often are odd and unusual, ranging from capturing a spirit kitten to cross-dressing adventures.

Kakei isn't the only one with supernatural powers as Kudo has the ability to read psychic impressions off of objects and people through touch. Rikuo also has some sort of power, but those have yet to be fully defined.

The series toes the line with being a generic boy/boy love story and something a little more interesting. Only in its third volume in the English versions, the first few story lines border on being formulaic and repetitive, but the writers include enough snatches and threads about both Kudo's and Rikuo's mysterious and intensely private pasts to draw the reader to the next volume.

With heaps of angst, lots of boy-on-boy sexual tension, and the makings of what could be a decent story, Legal Drug could be just the straight to the veins fix that many fangirls and boys are looking for. Fans of CLAMP will appreciate the style it's done in. Others may find it a little more over-the-counter.

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