Frank Zappa fought incredibly hard against the Mothers of Prevention (as he dubbed them). These were the Congressional Wives upon whom the Steve Jackson Illuminati card was based, specifically Tipper Gore and her band of cronies, the PMRC (Parents' Music Resource Center) who got all of our music albums censored in 1985-1986. I am of course speaking of the Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics labels on all of our music. Zappa fought to have no labels at all, but if it was not for Zappa's diligence, music albums would now carrying labels similar to video games and TV shows, specifying violent, sexual, anti-social, or any other "unacceptable" content.

Frank Zappa: Statement To Congress September 19, 1985 should be required reading for all of our children. This battle was one of the most important and far-reaching events in Zappa's life, and should be remembered. At least by those of us in the United States to whom this matters.