Mr. Ray and I shared a short correspondence via e-mail. I would be delighted to share it with you all:

I wrote:

Dear sir:
I am most intrigued by your theory entitled, "TIME CUBE" but what i am not understanding perfectly is this: please explained to me how it is that one may perceive the TIME CUBE WORLD through our "two dimensional" perception.

Your servent,
-Zach Smith-

The most honorable Gene Ray returned:
Hi Zach;

The Time Cube is not a theory, but is a creation principle by which all life on Earth exists by. You must understand that the Time Cube principle invalidates many of the words that you know in the dictionary. For one, a human face is not a flat surface, but equates to a corner configuration - as in a mother and father side.

What do you mean by 2 dimension? Everything in the universe exists between 2 opposites. Everything on Earth exists between 2 opposite poles, and every human was created between 2 sex poles as in femininity and masculinty. Earth has 2 hemisphere poles and each hemisphere is divided into 4 quarters, quadrants or corners, which rotate individually through the other 3 quarters for a 4 x 4 rotation creation - principle.

To better understand, enter your Cube like bedroom which should have 4 corners and 4 walls in between a top and bottom or ceiling and floor parameters. Applying the 3 dimensions of length, width and height inside this Cube configuration would be in error - as it would not account for the 4th corner perspective dimension - like in midnight, sunup, midday and sundown. There are 2 major corners and 2 minor corners. Join the 2 major opposite corners of mother and father and synergy will create 2 minor corners of son and daughter. Join the 2 major corners of midday and midnight and synergy will create 2 minor corners of sunup and sundown. Join the 2 major corners of summer and winter and synergy will create 2 minor corners of spring and fall.

Your primary error is your thinking as a self - as in your statement: "how is that *one* may perceive the Time Cube". You should ask how can the family perceive, or even more Cubic, how can the village perceive? The self is the lowest form of humanity as it can not procreate alone. The family is the creation body, but not the primary bory{sic} for it may create on 1 offspring of 1 sex. The village is the true and perpetual body for it encompasses multi-families and a near equal number of both sexes of all ages. Villages have been destroyed and replaced by communities of strangers without allegiance to anyone but to self.

Your 4-corner head has only a 1-corner face proving that you are only 1/4 or 1-corner of who you believe you are. Your body represents 4 different directions, but you have only the ability to move in 1 of those 4 different directions at any point in time.

You must understand that you are academically brainwashed and indoctrinated in a state of stupidity and evil that corrupts your ability to comprehend the Time Cube's Higher Order of Being. Place 2 people in opposite corners and each will swear that their perspective is the truth, yet the 2 opposite corners are diametrically opposed - and if unified, both will cease to exist. Humans exist only because opposites exist.

Gene Ray