The Earth's frequency or rate of vibration was thought to be constant. When NASA started measuring this in hertz it was at 7.8. Now it is at 11.2,has been measured as high as 14 and is speeding up.

At the same time the field strength of Earth's gravity is dropping at an alarming rate. In the last few years magnetic north has been moving pretty fast as well. The inner core of the earth has also displaced itself from the angle of rotation of the earth's crust-crustal displacement.

The sun's own magnetic north and south is no longer detectable as of 1995. Solar flares, proton storms are off the scale. Remember the recent beeper satellite malfunction.

The sun holds all the planets in place. The atom is 99% space and 1% energy that behaves as though it were conscious. The entire universe is a pulsation of conscious energy.

On 12-22-2012 the sun will be in alignment with the galactic equator of the Milky Way Galaxy. This occurs once every 25,800 years. This was predicted millenia ago by the Mayans. This is also the date of the birth of Venus.

You can shrug it off or let it scare you. That is what they want and what you will probably do. They want you to be paranoid about it. If this is true then this information is lethal-the thought police will be knocking at your door. Well let me tell you-the emperor has no clothes.

Mr. Crowley infiltrated all those secret societies and said all they do is wear funny hats. What I am saying is this-what if it is true? Why is important scientific information being denied us? Or how about this metaphysical argument-well if it is true then it is effecting our subconscious and it will happen anyway. Destiny is matter of choice. We have not been given free will to be vibrated into a higher consciousness unwillingly. Religious hysteria and propaganda is very powerful and makes us all fearful. It can destroy us if we are not careful.

For those that believe, now explanation is necessary. For those that don't, no explanation will suffice.

Funny how an odd bit of information taken out of context, and juxtaposed with other bits, also taken out of context, can seem laden with mystical import. How mistaken we are to grant significance to these reactionary and emotional responses, when the observable science offers a much more thrilling and humbling understanding of the complexity of the universe we inhabit.

As an example, take the observation regarding the earth’s frequency, above.

The Earth does, indeed, “ring like a bell”, as do all generally spherical bodies that consist of a more dense shell surrounding a less dense interior. A shock delivered to a point on the shell will reverberate through and around the sphere in auditory patterns we call “ringing”...though, for the Earth, the ringing is at such a low frequency, that we humans don’t hear it. According to the book “Earth”, by F. Press and R. Siever, the lowest ring tone is E flat in the 20th octave below middle C. Seismologists can use this ringing to study the structure of the earth, including the flow of the molten core within. New data is gathered every time there is a major earthquake, which sets the earth ringing for days. The book “Theoretical Global Seismology”, by F. A. Dalen, is a (highly technical) resource. Another interesting source is the web site for the Royal Observatory of Belgium. They are doing work on a core model for the earth, which includes trying to understand how earth’s interior features modulate the ringing.

The sun rings also. The Global Oscillation Network Group, GONG, (guess no one told them about the Gong Show), has just completed a $20 million dollar project to erect listening stations around the world to record the oscillations of our sun. The eruptions of sunspots and other violent storms on the sun’s surface set off reverberations which last for weeks or even months (the sun being a much larger bell than the earth). Helioseismologists will be using the data to learn more about the internal structure of the sun.

Before we complain about any important scientific information being kept secret from us, we should strive to understand the mountains of data that are readily available to us.

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