The following is a transcript of a phone interview of Gene Ray, inventor (or discoverer) of Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube. The interview was conducted over the phone from San Francisco by Bruno Connelly on June 14, 2001. Audio transcribed by Matt Lagoy. An mp3 of this phone conversation is available from Noded with permission.

GR: Hello?

BC: Hello. Could I speak to Gene Ray, please?

GR: This is Gene Ray.

BC: Hey, Gene. My name's Bruno. I'm calling from San Francisco, California and I'm doing a little study on the Time Cube and I was wondering if you might have a few minutes to chat with me about it.

GR: Surely.

BC: So, maybe you could just explain the basics of the Time Cube theory itself.

GR: Well, primarily, we have been miseducated into taking the Biblical one first day and the academic Greenwich one day earth rotation. There are actually four simultaneous twenty-four-hour days in one rotation of Earth. While we measure time from one point on Earth, actually four points exist: one at mid-day, one at sundown, one at midnight, and one at sun-up and the four corners rotate... twenty-four hours each: ninety-six hours and that's all that is. Some of them try to think of that as infinity time but that's not. It's only four and you can only exist in one corner at a time during the four-corner rotation, but three other people can exist in the others.

BC: And hence your theory on debunking Greenwich Mean Time- the fact that there is no concept of a single day because we always have these four days-

GR: That's right. You are one of four- it's like your body has a front, back and two sides, but you only walk in one direction. You're- a human is really a quarter of one corner. In, like, human metamorphosis- they're like the things on your hand. You got the baby, the child, the parent and the grandparent and you can't be four at one time. The baby dies, becomes the child; the child dies, becomes the parent and the parent dies; becomes the grandparent. Everything created has a top, bottom, front, back and two sides. The Solar System has that; the Earth has that; the human... and now, if you take... Everything on Earth is created between two pole-hemispheres and every human is created between two sexual hemispheres and so each hemisphere, if you treat it like a pie, you divide into four quarters. That is all there is! You can't divide it into any more. All new divisions are the divisions of one of the quarters.

BC: Right. Now, you mentioned almost like a concept of singularity there, the fact that... like, dividing a human life into four portions- that you can only exist in one portion at one time.

GR: That's right.

BC: But then, on your website you also mentioned a concept of four simultaneous years?

GR: Yeah, because... the Earth tilt represents an imperfection which life is based upon. If Earth had a perfectly vertical earth axis, there would be no seasons and therefore no life, but Earth rotates four seasons simultaneously as it revolves around the Sun.

BC: Now, doesn't that kind of contradict the previous theory of singularity? The fact that you can't exist outside of one of these four quadrants?

GR: Well, now-

BC: Or at a given period of time?

GR: Well, I'm trying to understand what you said. Let me finish this.

BC: Please.

GR: Now, if you sum up the tilt of those four simultaneous years as it revolves around the sun and divide it by four, you'd have a perfectly vertical earth axis which represents the perfection of death. It's kind of like the straight line on the heart monitor. The straight one represents the perfection of death. Life is the imperfection of it- oscillation. Now, let me get back to your question, then.

BC: So, you mentioned that there's somewhat this singularity within the Time Cube, that we have these four equal quadrants but you can only exist in one quadrant at a time.

GR: That's right.

BC: That being a portion of the Earth or, hence, a time zone or a portion of someone's life.

GR: Yeah. We can only exist in one of them at the same time. Now, if you stand at the point "Mid-Day", that same point also equals somebody else's sundown, somebody else's midnight and somebody else's sundown. Everything's into fours... and so that, but we on the ??? the one, the entity, and even you, like... You had four grandparents and each of them had four, like, sixteen- but you don't use sixteen because that demeans the value of four. What you actually have is four fours.

BC: So, does that mean that there is no concept- So, there is no concept of sixteen, there's only the concept of four fours.

GR: Yeah. Four fours.

BC: Interesting.

GR: Because sixteen demeans four and the Great Pyramid has four corners- four cornerstones and each cornerstone has four corners. Just like- Same as your body- you have four pads: two palms and two soles that represent the corners of the pyramid and your fingers represent the corners of the cornerstones.

BC: So, anything that's not four doesn't technically exist?

GR: That's right. You can't have- well, now that- that is- the way- Earth is- the Nature- now, the human exists as one quarter and in other words you go- you really live in four lifetimes like the baby, child, parent and grandparent almost like four different worlds during the- during your total lifetime and as, like... The mother and baby are the same age because there is no mother until the baby's born... It's a new life for both of them and you can say, "How old was the mother when the baby was born?" The mother was only one day old. We do not recognize human metamorphosis and only the baby is born. Adults are not born and if you don't recognize human metamorphosis, adults do not exist except as a continuum- babies or big babies. We do not recognize anything "four". We are so intent on recognizing the singularity... I think Einstein and Stephen Hawking and all of them were talking about singularity like the arrow but, actually, you have four arrows in the quarter- I mean- the square. The Earth rotates, like, in a Time Cube. Now, you can use your bedroom with four corners and four walls. You ignore the significance because time is not vertical. It's a horizontal rotation around the four corners of mid-day, sundown, midnight and sun-up and so the... You can travel between the North Pole and South Pole in zero time because time is not vertical... Only time occurs when you're going north and south if the Earth is rotating.

BC: Now what about the fact that a cube itself, if we look at it three dimensionally, has six sides, not four sides.

GR: Well, now. The cube has a top and bottom. You can't call the ceiling and the floor- two poles- as sides... Everything has a top and bottom like the top of your head and the bottom of your feet. You wouldn't call those sides, see, and that's where we get- We're wrong in a lot of things and you can't lean on the ceiling, lean on the floor. You go in- because those are the parameters of north and south.

BC: So, what about a concept- I don't want to use the word "God", but, you know- of some creator or some higher being, et cetera, et cetera? How does that tie into the Time Cube and the theory of "fours" and-

GR: Well, the creation, creator or whatever is not a human form. It's more of a cubic spirit. A cubed spirit, because like the mid-day to mid-day (the twenty-four hour light race day), sundown to sundown is twenty-four hour Asian race day. Midnight is a twenty-four hour black race day. Sun-up is a twenty-four hour Indian race day. As it rotates, it creates the four stages- each one. Those are primary stages. Now, you can put all six billion people on Earth into your bedroom and it'll only have four corners. The number of people do not increase the number of corners.

BC: Interesting.

GR: And-

BC: I'm sorry.

GR: Go ahead.

BC: Next, another question: To the best of your knowledge, are you the first person to have discovered the Time Cube?

GR: Yes. I can't find anything anywhere. They threw me- I used to get on some of the internet scientific and philosophy boards and they threw me off 'cause I wouldn't compromise with them so I started the Time Cube- and the way it looked- I would tack stuff on. To me, each one was important and sometime I would- It would get so far back, I'd have to bring them up to the front and some of them criticized about the repeating, but that's what academia's based upon is rote- over and over and over 'til you learn it... Actually, I have physicists who acknowledge it, but they can't do it publicly because all your academic institutions are actually religious institutions and they will not allow the physicists to teach this. No university or academic school on Earth (so far) has allowed students to debate the Time Cube. Now, I have young students call me and tell me they are elected head of the- president of the student body and this kind of thing and they gonna have a debate and some tell me they have prepared for a lawful thing, that they gonna have a debate, but none of them have been allowed to have a... Brown University students had my data tacked all over the dining hall walls and they were forced to take it down. I met with some Georgia Tech students. I was invited up there to talk with them and they got into religious hassle because the university teach religion. But, actually, it's only a single creation and we've got over two thousand different religions and all of them are wrong. You can't have but one.

BC: Right, right, but wouldn't you agree that universities do profess a lot of very scientific and non-religious explanations towards, I mean, everything from creationism to... you know, ad nauseum.

GR: Well, yeah, they teach it but it's all wrong. If they would- The problem with what- It's not so bad what they are teaching, it's- What is really bad is what they're denying.

BC: So, I guess what I'm curious of is: What is your theory on why universities and academia in general not adopting the Time Cube? Why are they so adverse to the concept of the Time Cube?

GR: Because it would disprove religion and it would disprove academia because academia is based on one corner like the straight line of Stephen Hawking and Einstein. It will prove that time is cubic. It'll disprove everything we've been taught. In fact, humans would be better if they were ignorant. They could comprehend the Time Cube better because now they have been taught on the negative side of ignorance. They've almost got to be de-educated before they can comprehend the Time Cube. You have no idea how hard it is for- I get in debates with national people all the time but they- and they just- they so educated- They can not comprehend it. I got brothers and sisters that got some of that high academic degrees in Alabama and they say, "We don't want to know!" They don't want to, and that's the way most people are: they don't want to know.

BC: So, what would you say if someone had the argument that the Time Cube is kind of a simplistic explanation. You know, just kind of forcing everything to fit into, you know, these nicely, you know, these nicely cut cubes of fours and...

GR: Well, it is simplistic. Now, it's like the- Now, you can even get rid of the four if you recognize the four- the corners (which are four) or the quarters of the quadrants. You could really eliminate the numbers totally and because the corners (four corners) ... I don't like using a square because a square has no corners. It's kind of like if you say "family", it has no mother-daughter and son-father. You'd say father, I mean, family cube - then that includes the others. You get what I'm talking about?

BC: Right.

GR: ...and so... but- Anytime you use the entity it denies the main parts in it, and so that's one of the fallacies of that. ...but I think that if you changed your math from, like, a hundred- by the tens that we use, to the... from a hundred down to ninety-six ('cause it has, like, ninety-six hours in a cube). If you use ninety-six in a hundred, I think maybe pi would probably equal a perfect three point two oh, and it's- Everything we have been taught is wrong, and that's reading with Kent. ...and God is kind of like a facade, kind of like a cardboard figure in front of a door. Now, if we push Him aside and open that door, it's a whole new world inside. It's a different world from what we know.

BC: Almost enlightenment.

GR: Yeah. Yeah. It is.

BC: Now, why do we disregard numbers other than four? I mean, why would we disregard numbers that are, say, powers of four? Why not , you know, anything that's divisible by four? Sixteen? Thirty-two? Sixty-four?

GR: Well, you can't- Odd numbers- Now, you can take the four sixteen- Well, like a clock I show on there with the quarters of four fours equals sixteen an so forth. You can divide, like, the four sixteen, the four four, down through the atom, up through the universe. You cannot do it with odd numbers. Now, the flea and atom represent the micro cubes (the fours), and then the fours get bigger up to the human, up through the elephant, and then the four cubes up through the earth sphere and on up through the solar system. They all- They're just different sizes.

BC: Now, do you think other creatures in nature, despite the human, have a concept of the Time Cube? Like, say, the earthworm, for example?

GR: Well, they live by- That's how they live. They don't need a god. They live by this principle- and it's a principle- and even if, like, I don't believe in the Bible or anything, but if you look at Revelations 21:16, they talk about the coming of the New Jerusalem. See, it has the length, width and height of a cube and it'll only have the Spirit and the Lamb. There'd be no temples in it. So, I mean, that's something (even though I don't believe in the Bible) that is in there and that ties, and another thing: Like, we use the three dimensions of length, width and height. If you apply that in your bedroom it does not account for the fourth corner perspective dimension... The cube has four-corner perspective and "length, width and height" is erroneous. Also, the Cartesian Coordinates of three dimensions is erroneous. All our math is wrong. ...and... but, through this- It's nothing that you can't understand through this, and I've been on old Lionel's show in New York, the eYada station, for about six times. I think he had it on there yesterday, the interview, and I've been on his station about six times, but I think- Now, the newspapers won't print this for a million dollars. St. Petersburg Times won't print it. I can say the worst things, call them the worst names, and they ignore it, and I go down to the Webber College University and they say, "If you come back down here, we'll put you in jail." The Board of Education said, "If you send us another fax, we'll put you in jail." Now, I got flyers made up I'm gonna take down to the St. Pete Times and distribute them, accusing them of being evil because they will not inform the public of the Time Cube discovery. It's forbidden knowledge.

BC: Are you concerned with who's going to evangelize the Time Cube once you're no longer here? I mean, since you're having such an adverse reaction to whoever you're trying to explain it and debate it with.

GR: Well, I have a lot of people that understand it, but now, the purpose of my Time Cube site was not to educate people, it was really to induce a research group to evaluate it and slowly release it to the public 'cause if it ever hits overnight and some media picks up on it, I mean, it's gonna cause a hell of a lot of trouble. It should be controlled, but no one's interested in controlling it because it's gonna take a lot of changes, a lot of rethinking and... But, nobody wants to analyze it.

BC: Have you thought that maybe you stumbled across something so powerful that you're just, you know, bound to be persecuted for it? You know, something that's just too powerful for people to comprehend and-

GR: Well, they don't want to change and, actually, religion and everything is really a scam against children and it's the young people that gonna have to realize it in order to stop the adult plunder of the resources or they are gonna inherit a barren Earth. Already, our social security is... the same as a pyramid scheme and it's going (they say 2016 or something, I think)- It will be bankrupt... and so... What we're doing, we're destroying everything belong to the children. The adults, if possible, they could sell every resource on Earth today and to hell with tomorrow. They already say, "I live for today!" They don't give a damn about tomorrow and anybody that don't live for tomorrow should die overnight. They don't deserve a tomorrow.

BC: Right. Seize the day.

GR: ..and so that's... ...but now I get people calling me all the time like you do and, like I say, it's a lot of people, I mean- You know, they say it's "brilliant" and things of this nature, but they just- I had one fellow from Drake University that was gonna sue me for the thousand dollars and he said he disproved it and he sent me a very apologetic letter, said his physics professor sat him down and said that humans can not conceive of anything that rotates in four different directions simultaneously. I mean, Earth moves toward mid-day, sundown, midnight and sun-up simultaneously and humans can't comprehend that.

BC: So you have had no one successfully disprove the-

GR: No. It's impossible to improve- I got a plastic cube as a paperweight, got an Earth inside of it and it represents, like, the Time Cube. The sun shines on one corner. It creates the optic corner of midnight and where the two join, synnergy creates the two new corners. In other words, you got two majors, two minors. Just like- You put in- Summer and Winter- You join them- Everything is corners and you join the two major corners, Summer and Winter, and they create two minor corners of Spring and Fall. Hot and cold creates two new corners of warm and cool. You got two majors and two minors and just about everything fits into that scheme. I, like I said, I been working on it over twenty years. I can't find anything else, anything yet, that contradicts it.

BC: Well, Gene, thank you. Thank you very much for your time.

GR: Yeah.

BC: I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you and get some answers to some questions.

GR: Yeah. Well, if you can get any- That's what I'm- Primarily, what I'm pushing for is debate. I'm "challenge and debate" it. If they ever debate it, it will come out but they know what it's gonna do and so that's the reason they won't allow it to debate and so, yeah- Anything you do- If I can ever force one media to print it, I mean, Lionel's show up on... that eYada, and it's... on these web stations... I mean, he's got a big audience, like I say. He likes it and so- Hey- Let me ask you another question. Do you know your father was a fish?

BC: My father was a fish. No. Please explain.

GR: Well, it's a little "microspermfish", I mean- The sperm, it swims upstream just like the salmon do. You fertilize the female egg laid in the water.

BC: Interesting.

GR: It is, and it's so fascinating, the stuff you can come up with in this thing but, see, what religion does, primarily- It is a cessation of the...

Tape ends.

To: Gene Ray
From: Mark Forest
Subject: A quick question...

Dear Mr. Ray,

I was reading the startling information regarding Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day Time Cube and a question came to mind: what's your sign?

Yours truly,
Mark W. Forest

To: Mark Forest
From: Gene Ray
Subject: Re: A quick question..


Gene Ray.

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