i dreamed that i was a roman emperor, and that i was trying to defend the populace against an incredibly greedy senate which was trying to have me asassinated. i remember standing in a room in my huge marble mansion looking out at a sunset over the city. suddenly a slave, who had been bribed by one of the senators, rushed into my room with a dagger. as i turned around i made a squeezing-twisting gesture with my hand, and blood sprayed from him everywhere as he lifted up off the ground and compressed. i watched the blood spread across the somewhat uneven floor, and recited the punchline from a joke i learned in my (real-world) youth: "they can send a man to gaul, but they can't make something that takes lava stains out of marble." as the slave's now magma-esque blood ate through my floor and threatened my feet, i awoke... much disturbed.