It is always amusing to me when I see this book flashed on the nine o'clock news...

"...The suspect was found possessing such terrorist literature as the Anarchist Cookbook and the Poor Man's James Bond, handbooks for bomb-making and guerilla techniques. Bond was set at one million dollars..."

Never mind the fact that this manual is horribly out of date and quite inaccurate at times --- mere ownership is enough to suspect people of evil acts. If the police ever find this in your bedroom, you're probably up a creek without a rowboat, as the story goes.

Nevertheless, one of these days I'll pick it up and put it on my shelf next to The Strange Tactics of Extremism, Global Tyranny Step-by-Step, Winning Through Intimidation and The Marx-Lenin Companion. Did I mention I like interestingly-titled books?

The site has copies of most of the files comprising The Jolly Roger Cookbook which seems to be a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook, done on the sly and on the cheap.