Recipe from an exhausted Alzheimer's wife, with men to feed:

A quick recipe that if I don't record it here, my family will never have it again and not only was it simple to make, it was colorful and healthy and even better the next day! My only regret was not making more.

Twice Baked Yams With London Broil and Vegetables

Wash and soften 6 yams by microwaving them until tender (or a fork pierces through them easily), approximately 5-7 minutes; let cool, then slice partially in half, leaving the skins on. Place in lightly misted w/olive oil 9x13 pan, cupped opened. Sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper. Oh, you should have preheated your oven to 350 degrees F.

Using 1 pound of top round London Broil; prick aggressively with fork or knife and marinate with generic Sesame Seed Ginger Sauce, $1.00 per bottle in the USA. To hasten the process, get messy and cut the meat into thin strips, adding sauteed ginger root, at least 4 good-sized garlic cloves, coarsely chopped.

Separately, saute briefly 1 red onion halved and slivered, one red bell pepper, sliced in long strips, and whatever green vegetables you have that are not overwhelming, like brussel sprouts or broccoli. Instead, I used one zucchini, cut into long thin rectangles. Throw in a dash of soy sauce or tamari and Worchestershire sauce, to taste. Add some tumeric and paprika. Stir at high heat to brown, but undercook. This is part of the magic.

Because two of my eaters are not exactly fans of portobello mushrooms, but two of us are, I cut thick slices of the baby variety and sauteed them til browned in a very small amount of real butter. Totally worth it, stems and all.

Remove yams from oven. Fill the split yams with all of the vegetables and the meat. I personally would have garnished with crumbled seaweed, but chose grated parmesan instead and briefly broiled, to attain extra crunch. All I can say is LordHaveMercy and everyone loved it!

I saw the basic idea from a TV cooking show segment, then put my own twist on it. For vegetarians or vegans, you could omit the meat and cheese, but I plan to try variations on the idea, including fish, eggs, or tofu. As they say on the cooking shows, the hero is the yam. Happy cooking!

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