One of the NPCs from Final Fantasy 7. She's a Materia Hunter, Ninja, and my goddess (one of many). A secret character, she can be found by fighting in most woodland areas after the Mythril Mines. After defeating her, she joins your group. Her motives seem rather suspect, to say the least.

Yuffie is the youngest of the NPCs in FF7, aged only 16. She was born and raised in Wutai after the country was defeated by the Shinra, and is the daughter of Lord Godo, the country's leader. She seems to be fiercely patriotic, wanting to restore Wutai to it's former glory, a task she intends to perform by collecting as much Materia as possible. I think you can guess now why she wants to join your party <g>. The sidequest that ensues is, IMO, the most enjoyable part of the game, and features everyone's favourite Turks.

Yuffie is a decent fighter, wielding a range of weapons including boomerangs, shuriken and even a pinwheel. Her Rising Sun weapon is superb. She also has excellent magical potential and probably the best set of limit breaks in the game, barring Aeris. She can be taken on the infamous Gold Saucer date, although it's very hard to get her there (second only to Barret). The result is absolutely hilarious, though.

Despite being a secret character, Yuffie has more personality than some lead characters, and is always good for a laugh. Her little air-punching routines always crack me up, and her various pieces of theme music are some of the highlights of the OST. As with Vincent, the other secret character, she does not appear in the ending sequence, as space restrictions on the final CD meant that alternative endings could not be included. Curses.