Ost is the norwegian word for cheese. It's quite short and handy, with only three letters. Ost is a very nice word to use as a test-word. Ie. when you need some dummy-text for your latest homepage or when you write your first program in debug.

See also: hello world, foo bar, foo, test

The OST, or Open Standards Terminal is a software platform initially proposed by Nokia for devices such as set-top boxes, for the purpose of bringing a number of application to the television set. Examples include digital TV, video recording, web browsing and games.

The platform is based on open software, such as Xfree86 (the de facto graphical windowing system for many modern unix-clones, such as Linux and FreeBSD) and Mozilla for web browsing and web-based applications.

Nokia has created a web site to recruit and encourage new developers to the platform; http://www.ostdev.net/

Sources: http://www.ostdev.net/ and http://www.nokia.com/

An abbreviation for Original Soundtrack. Often used by anime fans to distinguish between various albums for a single series. As in, "The Evangelion image album wasn't so great, but I really liked the first OST".

Ost (?), n.

See Oast.


© Webster 1913.

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