These might come in handy if you're in a bar in Thailand with hookers in it -- that is, most of them.

Note: Pronounciation is using the Sounds About Right(tm) system

farang: foriegner (YOU.)
koewai: water buffalo (used as a derogetory remark for fat, old, stupid rich farang)
pom pom: have sex
fahwee: bullshit
nom yai: large breasts
meng da: boyfriend (usually Thai boyfriend who leeches money from the bargirl to sustain his lifestyle)
narak: cute
pak waan: flatterer (literally, "sweet lips")
tae kon mai piaw: my ass is not sour (used in response to being called a cheapskate)
shan shob khun: I like you
baa klang / ting tong / baa baa bo bo: crazy
khee mao: drunkard
khee kiat: lazy
khee choo: butterfly (a guy who dates more than one bargirl from the same bar)
khee gho: habitual liar