People have told me that I have said these things while asleep:

(I vaguely remember this conversation even though I was asleep)
Me: "Why is daddy talking to the mailman?"
Mom: "What do you mean? Your father is in there asleep."
Me: "Daddy is going to post office college to become a courier when I get back from the kennel"

"When I grow up, I don't want to be an ordinary stripper, stripping for money. I want to strip for potpourri!"

Me: "Yeah, the education sucks but the sex is great"
Friend: "What are you talking about?"
Me: "Mr. Scholl. He has some great sex tapes in his desk., Nancy does New York, Carla does Conneticut. Debbie Does Dallas..."
Friend: "Um..."
Me: "But MY favorite, starring Mr. Scholl and I.. was Aimee does Alabama"

I once had a friend spend the night at my house and we were watching lesbian porn on the Spice Channel. That night, I heard her saying something in her sleep like, "Aimee--I thought we agreed not to use your radio dildo because it made me hemmorhage."
... I never said anything to her about this in the course of our friendship.