I was at my boyfriend's house, only he lived in this large mansion and we were there alone for some time. He was really snobby in the dream and didn't want to be around me, or at least thought that we shouldn't be together in the dream because I was being affectionate towards him and he had an idea that other people would dissaprove of this. So eventually, his mother came home and we were sent outside to clean his backyard. It was dirty and swampy. And there were lots of dirty toys on the ground.

He said his cousins had been there the other day and these were their toys. So his mom came outside and I hide behind one of those playhouses for toddlers while they talk off in the distance. She is telling him that she wants me to leave because of my foul mouth and the way I am always saying "crap" instead of "poop."

After the conversation is over, I follow him inside where he goes to his bedroom, lays on the floor, and plays Toe Jam and Earl. The room looks like my old bedroom from when I was nine, and the television set is on a dresser high up. It is dark in his room. I lay down next to him but he tells me not to. He doesn't want to be seen with me. So I have to leave the room and wander around his house, lonely. The entire dream, I am thinking about spaghetti. I wake up.