I was in a forest, not unlike my stomping grouds in North Carolina. It was late in the day, and I wanted to get back home, let alone somewhere indoors. I must've taken the wrong road from home, so I'm freakin lost. However, I was guided to somewhere... It's like my body just moved itself to... a fast food restaurant serving fried chicken. I went into this restaurant, to see a tray setting with some fried chicken, and some mashed potatoes. As I dove in to eat, I saw a guy standing in front of me. The face is that of Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda. It's like as if Saint Rob has broke bread, and told me "eat, for you shall live" or something.

I remembeed seeing Rob from The Bazaar, but I haven't a chance to talk to this guy. I did say hello to Hemos. Anyways, I also remembered the guys (Richard M. Stallman, Eric S. Raymond, and present company) at a discussion from a few weeks ago. I remembered Eric Raymond saying that I've "got myself a job" as I asked how can I introduce Free Software in my workplace. Should I introduce Linux to this dump of a workplace now?

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  • warm hands on my shoulders

  • A man who was honest about everything. I chose him to look after my car forever.

  • Lunch with the nuns. I was wearing the robe but not the habit or wimple. One of them laughed at me for wearing eyeshadow. "We don't do that." I went inside to put on the habit but was distracted by a sign directing me to the best spot to view the moon. I never came back to the table.

  • Tossing and turning all night. Staying up late playing scrabble and ploting to break the law. Sleep started creeping up and I coerced the kids to move from the couch into the bed. Snickering and laughing with the lights out. Three kids in a bed for two. They slept well, I had short fragments of dreams involving both of them.

    Outside a skyscraper, sharing a small ledge with Anthony and Selena. He broke something off the side of the building while playing with it, as often happens with him. He has been futilely trying to reattach it, I offer to help and am sharply scolded by Selena for interefering. I try to explain my good intentions and get a further scolding as he continues to attempt repairs. The ground smiles below, a far off and foreign place.

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