I'm in a room, like a classroom somewhere... I saw a girl sitting across me, looking at me. I think she likes me. Nah, that will never happen. She talks to me, but I ignore her. It's only matter of time before I did something when she tried to talk to me... I took her out of her seat next to me, and threw her out of the window. I was hoping to hear a deep "thud" when she hit the ground (hoping that her fall was fatal), but I didn't. I left the room, to the entrance of the building to see what happened to her. She was laying on the ground, talking to some guy while she's barely alive. I had to get the hell out of the building.

I don't remember much, except that it was an Everything dream. Knifegirl's water broke, and I was following her car (a Volvo) to the hospital, because I was going to be the godfather of the l'il tyke... I have no idea who was driving the car. And that's all I remember, except for something about wicker baskets - Knife theorized (in #everything) that she was gonna float the baby down the Nile in the wicker basket. I can only nod my head to that.

The military was flickering the lights and that scared our son. He crawled in bed with us. We reassured him - it’s just a test, sweetie - and turned on the radio to listen to the progress.

“The fire’s creeping slowly, down by Southlake . . . the residential area near the lakefront . . . “

Suddenly it wasn’t a test, we realized, and we were all scared but hadn’t said the danger out loud yet, hadn’t moved from the bed.

I was in my room, when I noticed my Shaman's jacket hidden underneath a green silk blanket with gold embroidery.. it had been given to her by someone special and i needed to return it to her.. at that moment.. so I willed her into my presence and wallah.. she was back and gave me the green blanket and took her jacket.. then I was suddenly at work being yelled at for something I didn't do and my plants had died.

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