Lagkage (Layer-Cake) is a traditional Danish dessert that is obligatory at childrens' birthdays, and often too at adults' .

The recipe is as follows:

Whip the eggs well, then add the sugar slowly, while whipping, to create a foamy substance. Add water, and then the flour.

Alternately, you can start by separating the eggs, and whipping the whites alone, then adding the yolk before the flour.

Create 3 flat and round "layer"s, and bake them separately. You might need tins, depending on the wetness of the dough. Bake for 5 minutes on 225°C.

When the "layer"s are finished, put different fillings between each, for example jam, custard, mashed fruit or whatever you prefer. Before doing this, you can spice the whole cake up a bit by letting the "layer"s soak in Brandy or the like. For fillings, I prefer strawberries, then custard.

Make icing from 100 grams icing sugar (add some cocoa if you'd like - it works well} and cover the top "layer". Whip some cream, and cover the sides with it. The cake should now be iced on top, and creamed on the sides.

For extra flavor, write the child's name with another color icing on top. Put candles in, and serve.