I had an exam today. I got up in good time and took a shower, but then my brother arrived home. He says "Aren't you a little late?" No-no, I've got like 20 minutes. He says "The downstairs watch says the train leaves in 2 minutes" What?! I realize my watch is set wrong.

I have never packed my bag so fast before. In one minute, I got my shit and literally flew out the door, in front of an eighteen wheeler. Holy cat! I reach the station just to see the goddamn train pull away.

I almost threw up from exhaustion. I never run usually, and this was like half a mile. I know, that ain't much, but damn!

Call the school & tell them I will be late, I'll be there fast as I can. After consuming a gallon of water, I hear my mother pull up the driveway. Thank God!

I got a ride & made it to the exam (I got an 8 - the system goes like this: 00 (lowest) - 03 - 5 - 6 (passed) - 7 - 8 (average) - 9 - 10 - 11 - 13 (A+)...). That was ok. Especially considering it was a triple-course exam (that is, three courses in half an hour), and I'd only attended one of the courses.