Unleavened bread. Sometimes spelled matzo. So the story goes, when the Jewish people were being led out of Egypt by Moses, they didn't have time to sit around and wait for their bread to rise, so they left with the unleavened bread and ate it the way it was. Or something like that. In any case, matzoh is baked in flat sheets. It was originally round, but commercial matzoh is usually square. Matzoh meal is another matzoh product

I tried to explain what matzoh was to a non-Jewish friend. He replied, "Oh, kind of like crackers?"

Matzoh is nothing like a cracker except that they're both thin.

Matzoh can be eaten year round. It is good for a snack. However on Passover, Jews don't eat unleavened bread, they eat matzoh instead. Here are some tasty things to do with matzoh:

  • Make Matzoh ball soup
  • Make Matzoh brei
  • Make Latkes
  • Spread with butter and sprinkle on salt
  • Break in half, put peanut butter on one half and jelly on the other
  • Dip in soup