...Then...Also Then...

Morningish EST -- It was too early I don't remember

Went to Burger King for breakfast again. Not due to time restraints (Though it takes LONGER), I was just hungry for Burger King.

2:05 PM EST -- I should do this EVERY month for safety

Decided to backup my Windoze box. Didn't backup the Linux box, since I have no means of doing so yet. I am taking suggestions. Cheap ones, preferably. But, a backup means nuking the old one... reformat 6 CD-RWs and get ready for a manual file-by-file copy, uncompressed. Now THAT'S fun. No, it's not, I just thought I'd say that.

10:04 PM EST -- 5 CD-RWs later...

Hey... now without backing up stuff like UT, SC3K, and Corel Wordperfect (I'll reinstall those if anything happens), it only takes 5 CD-RWs this time around. Huh.

Tomorrow, I head out to cash savings bonds to pay back my parents for them paying for half my car. Fun fun fun.

NEW NODES TODAY: "Shift up now" light