I'm writing this daylog last, flying right in the face of the fact that I'll only get downvotes for it. I daylog for the sake of daylogging. So nur.

1:45 PM EST -- Nothing matters but the Tuesday from a weekend point of view

Some people, nay, most people, are blessed with a device called a "weekend". This wonderful artifact grants peace and serenity for a slight bit over 48 consecutive hours following the recieving of a paycheck. This divinely granted time is most commonly used to relax, try new things, or kludge together code just for fun.

Nope, not me. I've got work. 2:00PM - 10:00PM, every bloody weekend. And why? Because I've got classes during the week. I'm very convinced that I should try to get a job on campus next summer.

4:00-like PM EST -- I'll TELL you what way I want it

You know, if I ever get my hands on the guy who put Backstreet Boys songs in the Meijer muzak, I'm gonna kill him. Or her.

10:45 PM EST -- Free Parking

Most of the time when I get home, there's a nice, happy parking space waiting for me in front of the house. And if not there, in front of one of our next door neighbors' houses. Or, in a desperate attempt, actually IN the driveway, hoping the first person out the door the next morning (I'm always last out) will move the Pinto and not wake me up to do it.

Our neighbors from across the street were being arses again, taking up all viable parkage in front of all three houses. Add to this the fact that my cousin and his wife (Because "cousins" doesn't seem right) decided to visit, taking up the driveway...

Ah, well. My cousin's wife (Right, that doesn't look right, either) is an engineer... she can talk on the same wavelength as I do. Very sweet. Always nice to talk in person to someone who can understand you.

3:00 AM EST -- It's morning. I'm here. That's all that matters.

See, here's the trick, I just finished talking to my cousin (Or his wife... I'll follow consistent terminology next time, I'm tired now) about a half hour ago. Always fun to try to dissect a conversation that started with my slipshot IPMasq LAN and went on to my doodles, college, and Earthbound. A fun time was had by all. Much was learned.

Now here it is, 3:00 AM, and I won't be able to wake up in time for anything, let alone the physics homework I need to get done. But hey, intellectual to semi-intellectual discussion was quite worth it, I say. I don't get that sort of opportunity at work, I'll tell you that.