...Day I was absent...Day I might be absent...

Hey, did I forget to daylog yesterday? No worries, nothing happened.


Ah, the sights and sounds, nay, even the smells of Oakland University. Today, as a part of OU's continuing efforts to make the place look better, they had the trucks filled with HOSEY FOAMY GREEN STUFF! That's right, the magic material which makes grass grow in the strangest of places where erosion has taken it's toll... OR HAS IT?

Walked over to the Dodge Hall computer labs to type this daylog out, and wouldn't you know it, THE DAMN LABS ARE INFESTED WITH WINDOWS 2000! Ugly! UGLY! At least I can ssh back home to my Linux box, away from all this madness. And fortunately, I'm heading off to the library after this to do physics homework. Help.

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