10:37 AM EST -- Sudden rememberance

Lemme tell you how this started. I woke up a little late and was slow getting ready, so I kinda left about 10-20 minutes late for class. Miraculously, I was on Squirrel Road (The last road before turning into Oakland University, at least where I drive) in record time. I'd only be about 5 minutes or so late for Physics.

That's around the time my normally wandering mind came across a small thought chain. See, last night was spent, as usual, doodling in my math notebook during class. I do this. Anyhoo, the chain went more or less like:

  • "Hm, I should scan off that doodle I did and show it to my friend."
  • "I really should've scanned it earlier."
  • "Why didn't I scan it earlier?"
  • "Probably because I never took my math n..."

My mind instantly stopped flat on this thought. After about a 45 minute record-time drive to class, on the final stretch, I realized I still had my math stuff in my bag. I never unloaded.

Realizing that BOTH my Physics class AND my German class would be pointless without the respective books and the collective notebook, I decided to take a chance and try to rifle back home AND back to class, with my German book (missing Physics), in an even BETTER record time.

The scary part was that I made it.

10:14 PM EST -- They hate me

Just yesterday, I heard my dad discussing various charges on his credit card. A few were trips to resturaunts that I didn't recall. I asked him if they always waited until I was slaving away at work before they went out to eat. He said no.

Tonight, I came back home after slaving away at work. The way things worked out, there wasn't enough time to get me any dinner before I headed out the door in the first place.

Walking back in, I saw a pizza box patiently waiting to go outside to the garbage cans. "Papa Romano's BIG", it said on it. This was good, I figured; after sustaining myself on leftover Halloween candy at work (The stuff that's been in that box of leftovers/rejects since last week), maybe it would be good to get some "real" food in me, such as leftover pizza.

I look in the fridge. Nothing. Not a single slice left over. From a BIG pizza. (I don't mean LARGE, I mean BIG... this box was pretty huge) Not one single fucking slice. Not one. They ate the whole damn thing and didn't even bother to save me any.

See if I save my brother any slices when he's not here. (Mind, I ALONE have the ability to eat an entire large pizza)

11:40 PM EST -- Invasion

Oh, lookie here. Someone attempted to install Napster on my Windoze box, but linked to the G: drive.

Now, the Windoze box's mappings are simple: A: (floppy), C: (hard drive), D: (zip drive), E: (main CD-ROM), F: (CD-RW), Q: (network mapping to spot), and R: (network mapping to fido). No G drive.

Interrogating my brother, I concluded it wasn't him; he'd put it on my C: drive, not a network link. And he'd use spot instead, anyhoo. My only conclusion would be the only other person in the family who uses Napster (I proudly use Scour, thankee much), my dad.

And he gets angry when my bro installs things on spot...

1:30 AM EST -- Not my line

Ah... at least the recordings of Thursday's Whose Line Is It Anyway? episodes worked right. I feel better now.