TODAY: The Annual Cycle Of E2 Completed

It seemed like it wasn't that long ago.

Sat Nov 13 1999. The original battle cry of E2.

Every old node, every old person, place, thing, or idea from the original Everything came into being on E2. Some came armed with Magic Amulets Of The Holy Order Of The Amperstand to protect them. Some made no sense anymore. Some we wished we never wrote.

And now it is the anniversary of that date. The day when all the condemned souls of E1 nodes long past will rise from the grave to haunt us again.

This time, no one will be safe.

2:45 PM EST -- Pac-Man forever

Scored over 50K on old-school Pac-Man.

Besides that, I also failed a Physics test. I really hate Physics class now. Seriously. I'll just be glad when it and it's accompanying course NEXT semester is over so I'll never have to look at Physics again in my life.

But, that's not the only thing. My dad's still on a house-cleaning RAMPAGE RAMPAGE RAMPAGE!, and my room's still cluttered with junk. Ah, well, it's cleaner now that I've vacated the dresser. Time to play more of the Legend Of Zelda: Groundhog Day or some UnF (Hey, it's full of bugs, but what isn't on it's first release?)...