10:50 PM EST -- Everything

I can safely say pretty well everything that happened today happened after I got back from work.

Walking in the door, I found the Killewald Family Dry Erase Marker Board Of Perpetual Perpetuality covered with the ramblings of my father. Apparently, he's got this week off work, and he's gonna use it to clean the house. ALL of the house.

While this WOULD be very nifty, it runs into one snag: MY room is within the confines of this house. And my room, although it IS organized, is NOT organized according to anyone else's standards but my own. And even I'll admit it's not CLEAN, but it's ORGANIZED.

What this means is that I'll be spending a day or two trying to get stuff cleared up so my dad doesn't throw out stuff I might need in the future (One of my best doodles is on the back of a small recipt from Meijer, and that'll prolly get tossed).

I decided to spend the night folding my clothing to put it into my dresser. Now, keep in mind, my dresser had been blocked, for the longest time, by macaroni, my happy Linux server. After cleverly moving it over, I now have access to a fair amount of my dresser again. I'm fairly certain that, since the clothing inside had been barricaded inside for a year, I can safely remove all of it and insert my weekly rotation in it's place.

And then I signed up to be an E2 mentor. I've been here for a while, may as well teach others the WAYS OF SPAM-LIKE NODING! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!