Time is a science fiction novel by Stephen Baxter, the first in his Manifold series. Cornelius Taine of Eschatology, Inc., mathematical genius pursues the concept of The Carter catastrophe theory to it's logical conclusion; that the human race will come to an end in 200 years, and nothing can avoid it, even the evacuation of earth. If there's life in the future, wouldn't it try to warn those in the past if this were possible? Can the Feynman radio receive these transmissions? Reid Malenfant, a space entrepreneur has his dreams of using his 'big dumb boosters' to mine an asteroid, cut short as Taine offers him the dream of saving the species. Soon you are given visions of the evolution of the universe, over trillions of years, until the heat death of the universe, and then a glimpse of how all this can be transcended. A book of breathtaking scope and vision, it will vasten your mind.