Some people, they just can’t leave well enough alone. My brother, for instance, seems to have this certain view of the world where he is a sort of gold standard of morality: all acts are judged by how much they help him. He’ll go out of his way to be antagonistic, yet spends much of his day complaining how everyone mistreats him.

But I know I annoy people sometimes too. I know I’m just being true to myself – this is who I am – and when living in society one can’t help stepping on a few toes. Yet I wonder sometimes if I’m too self-centered, and perhaps I should consider the effects of my actions on other people. At the same time, there’s something heroic about being one’s self in spite of tremendous opposition. Perhaps there’s some sort of balance that can be struck between pleasing other people and pleasing one’s self; there’s nothing heroic about being a jerk. And perhaps I’ll know when I reach that balance.

I think I'm too focused on myself; perhaps I need to find someone I can love to such an extent that I can forget about myself. Obsession of any kind would be a godsend for me.