One of Erie's only tourist attractions is Presque Isle (there's probably more than I think, but it is tough to be a tourist in your own hometown), which can be seen from the Perry Monument. The Perry Monument is downtown, at the foot of State Street. State Street runs uphill through the city. Downtown has some other interesting spots, too - Travelers can see a ball game at the Jerry Uht Stadium (Erie's baseball team: The Seawolves) or a performance at the Warner Theater or the Erie Civic Center. The Civic Center is the home of the Erie hockey team, the Otters. However, many other things happen here - Elton John played the Civic Center. It's also worth noting that the Warner Theater has been home to acts such as "Weird Al" Yankovic's "Touring With Scissors", Jeff Foxworthy, and Jerry Seinfeld. Farther down town is Junior's Last Laugh Comedy Club. Sean Morey and Lewis Black have performed there. Also downtown is the Metropolitan Dance Club.

South of downtown is Peach Street. The most action on Peach occurs near the mall in an area known as the Peach Jam. The mall is the Millcreek Mall. Notable shops include Electronics Boutique, Hot Topic (gross), Express, Abercrombie and Fitch, Spencer's, and Radio Shack. There's also a shop that sells exclusively jigsaw puzzles, but I'm afraid that's one of those specialty shops that will go out of business soon. Downhill from the mall in a separate plaza, you'll find an Outback steakhouse, a Max and Erma's, a Borders bookstore, and even more clothing retailers. Across Peach from the mall is a Barnes and Noble (with Starbucks, of course), a KFC (the quality of this particular KFC is low), and an Olive Garden. Continuing up the street, you'll find a Wegman's across from a small ice cream shop (Connie's). Further up the way is a movie theater and another plaza with hardware stores, book/music stores, office supply stores, a Sam's Club, a Target, a Best Buy, and restaurants. Notably, a Panera Bread (they sell great potato soup and Jones Soda) and a Chinese restaurant called China Garden. The owner/chef is a cool guy that comes out and talks with customers. Order the General Tso's chicken, but ask for extra spice. Continue south. You'll find an indoor water park called Splash Lagoon, owned by the same prick that owns most of Erie. I haven't been there, but I hear it's pretty rad. Keep going south, or go back farther north, and you'll find a lot of car dealerships.

There's a decent punk rock scene here. Information at

Pat Monahan lives here.