Well known comedian, seen on The Daily Show and some stand-up on Comedy Central television. He's known for being an angry commentator on the Daily Show, on a segment called Back in Black. His routine is similiar to Dennis Leary, but he screams, contorts his face in rage, and can barely stay in his seat. Typically he rants and howls over some ridiculous aspect of life, usually illustrated by a video clip and him narrating.

He's great for his political commentary "Hillary Clinton?! Hellooooo!" and hatred of all things Arkansas. Also rants and raves about idiocy in the US and IHOP, which he calls his "health spa" for lengthy reasons I won't go into here.

His best demonstartion of idiocy: He once heard a woman at IHOP in her 20's say "If it wasn't for my horse I wouldn't have spent that year in college."

His best routine is his advocacy of an amendment saying nobody from Arkansas should be president for 100 years. His proof was the last 8 years and a couple of Darwin Awards. "I rest my case."

He is very popular, currently on a comedy tour with Dave Atell throughout the US. Mp3s of hi standup act are common in the internet, more than most other comedians. He has also served as a guest comedian on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn.

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