Wow, today was a heck of a fine day. It started with joining Edward at noon to play volleyball (and at one point, winning a game with just him and me on the team). A trip to Hamburger Habit for some refreshment followed at 4 o'clock (during which, he fashioned a little frog that could jump half way across the table, using the paper placemat!). Then, it was decided that we, together with one of his other friends, would adjourn to Edward's house to watch a movie, it having been discovered that neither of them had ever seen The Big Lebowski. I went home and showered, then ventured off to Edward's house for the first time, DVD in hand.

After watching the movie, the three of us hung around a while, doing various computery and electronic things. At about eight, Edward's mother made us dinner (I get the impression she is accustomed to making his friends at home there). Then the geeking continued. Edward's other friend was at the soldering station, and Edward was doing things with resistors and an oscilloscope. He left me in charge of getting acquainted with PIC programming, having downloaded a simulator and reference manual. Edward's newest project is to build some kind of robotic thingy, and he invited me to join in on the software side. After reading for a while, I started in on the first baby step: writing a function to delay for a given amount of time. Around 11, his friend went home to bed, and I was going to do so also; I left my work to that point in Edward's hands, telling him that it probably wasn't right yet (having not put it into the simulator). He said, "Well, let's give it a try!" I yielded the driver's seat to him, and we then spent several hours side by side while we discovered things that were wrong and experimented until it did finally work.

When he realized it was three o'clock in the morning, he announced that it was time for bed. I immediately rose to leave, but before I left, I said I wanted to tell him something:

Do you mind if I say something personal?
Not at all.
I want you to know why I've been perhaps coming on a bit strong lately telling you what a good friend I think you are. I gave him the two-sentence version of my situation with Nolan, and my recent discovery that all was not as I'd thought in that department. It really means a lot to me that you actually want me around.
Sure, I enjoy your company a lot. I think you're a really cool person to hang out with.
And with that, we continued on the serpentine path to the front door of the house, talked a few more minutes, and said good night. Monday morning, arriving at work, he told me that he'd had a really fun time. Golly, he makes me happy :)