Curriculum Vitae
Charles Alfred Lewis Reams

There's something about constructing a CV, you know? It forces you to examine yourself under a harsh and often unforgiving light, playing your own devil's advocate. It's only when you list everything you've ever achieved that you realise how one-dimensional you actually are. Of course, I'm using "you" here to mean "me".

Date of Birth: 17th February 1986
Place of Birth: London

I'm probably too young to understand the full implications of a CV. I've never written one before, after all, and my father wrote most of this one for me. "Father", eh? Writing this thing has put me in formal mode.

1990-1994: Cherry Trees Preparatory School, Risby
1994-1998: Kings School Ely
1998-Present: The Perse School, Cambridge

Thing is, the CV is something that follows your round for your whole, well, vita. Soon I'll have escaped from the marvellous school system, but the CV will pursue me everywhere. I keep checking over my shoulder.

GCSE: A*, Mathematics
A*, Physics
A*, Chemistry
A*, Biology
A*, History
A*, Latin
A*, Greek
A*, French
A*, English
A, English Literature
Other: A, Additional Mathematics

Having a huge list like that makes it look like I'm showing off. I revise it, trying to turn it into one long line. It looks worse. I change it back. I think I've already made my thoughts clear on the matter of GCSEs under that node.

Represented Cambridge County Reserve Target Rifle team from 2001 - 2002, and County first team from 2002 to present.
Reached national final of NSRA Golden Jubilee prone rifle competition in 2002.
Member of an eight-man team placed second in the West Kent national postal league in 2002.
Also placed second in the individual event of the same competition.
Part of the winning pair in the Pairs competition.
Holder of the school record for military prone rifle.

Well, there's something I actually am proud of. I look along the shelf of cups, medals etc and try to remember what each was for. I decide it might get a bit tiresome listing my placing in every competition I've ever participated in, so I include only the cups whose caption I can read without leaving the computer.

External Awards

2002 Gold in UK Senior Mathematical Challenge
2000 Gold in UK Intermediate Mathematical Challenge
Awarded by the United Kingdom Mathematical Trust (UKMT)

1996 Grade 1 Piano
1997 Grade 2 Piano
Awarded by the Royal Schools of Music

Grade 1 Piano!? Another inclusion under duress from the parental unit. Quite why any interview would care that I could play one musical instrument to some very low standard seven years ago is beyond me. Still, best not to argue.

Other Achievements
Captain of winning Fastermind team representing Kings Ely, 1997.
Represented Perse in Cambridgeshire Inter-Schools general knowledge competition in 2000.
Wrote computer program for Kings Ely, now adopted for educational application.

My general knowledge is verging on non-existant so I was rather surprised when I remembered being in those teams. The computer program in question was a rather interesting simulation of relative population numbers for lions and gazelles in the wild, where clearly both affect the other. All a bit chaotic, though I didn't know it at the time, being nine.

Prone rifle shooting
Computer programming

"Film" sounds a bit vague to me. I bet everyone puts that anyway. Also labouring the point a bit on the subject of rifle shooting. Well, football (soccer-style) is fun anyway.

Phew. At least it's done now.