Let’s –n talk spelling. Now I’m not one to be all high’n’mighty ‘bout this in here spell’n shit ‘cus I can’t spell worth-n a damn. Right shame really, when the word prosses’n magic goes all giggly-whompus I is lost, like, hardcordian. My furstrations with this-n Microsofty Wordthing has reached a-n all time high as I stugular to put in the right letters to these-n words and shz.

But don’t let that-n there fool you! I can discuss coherently! And right now there is a pluage-hiss sweep’n the country particularly in the retail section of the globular globe. Now, I hate many things and perhaps’n I should have-n tryed out mine own hands at a Hate Questing, but I didn’t-n think that that ‘ould have been a portperationary. Rather this surely is Daglog-hiss matterial.

The worst word in theee world is that-un which goes “Signage.” Now I ain’t-n a scollarly gent, but I do believe that this-n here word is really a long way to spell “signs” only with out the S-n and at three-ninty a gallon. Sings may not be really able sell, but this-n word signage sertainly is. Spell’n ain’t-n no big deal-e-O. We all know they-un mean a large quantity and suchlike of signs. There ain’t really no need to conform to propor grammar-like. Things like Good can be adverbthings and Well can be objective things, cause we all-n-us speeking English like-n not so much the Queen but rather-n like theee nightwatchmen who sits-n down by theee-n the Universtiy-thing and tells me most undiciferly that he-n wants me to “Catch my way home ‘cause I can’t watch-n them birdies with-n you in the way.” Oviously it makes the sense so.

So, rather than bee-n made about this alteration of theee id and ego of this in the Englishthing I rather suggest we-n brace such use less alterations that make-n all of us here in ineffecant and ignorant and dumb-such-like. Propriaty suggest-ns that we do thing in the right propor fashonary, but I say to Hell with that-n. Rather we ought-n t do as we hellplease and for our hidden-isk agendathing. Propriaty suggest-n what to do and not to, where it get off? I like-n my letters where I put them.

F-n K Propriaty and let us-n brace signage as we do the cleavagethingy.

A wonderful utopia where little bunnies never die.