Lead singer of (surprise surprise) the Matthew Good Band. Known for creating canadian controversy (i.e. his band won a juno award and he declined his invitation to attend the ceremony)

Good started out as a folk acoustic act and released four EP's prior to a panic attack he suffered before one gig, which leave him to lead behind his folk music and form the Matthew Good Band.

With the Matthew Good Band he has released 3 LP's and 3 EP's to date (August 13, 2001)

Good has also released a collections of his writings through his record company entitled Black Market Surgery and has made a deal with insomniac press to release a book in early October entitled: At Last There Is Nothing left To Say.

The Band is curently working on creating an American and Australian market for their massively popular in Canada Rock. Also to be released in early fall in Canada is the band's latest LP: The Audio of Being.