The Lowest of the Low:
David Alexander: drums
John Arnott: bass/vocals
Stephen Stanley: guitar/vocals
Ron Hawkins: guitar/lead vocals

The Lowest of the Low are a perfect example of the Canadian Indie Semi-Success story. From humble beginnings, the Lowest of the Low have risen from an incessantly touring bar band to a sell-out Canadian favourite.

If you weren't around during the heyday of the Low (1993-1994), it's likely you've been mystified by the reoccurent nature of the name within any Canadian Rock circles. Reviews of new albums, tours, or poetry have all made allusions to this band, though the music is not necessarily played as often as one would think. The following of the Low grew quietly, the majority happening in the last five years, during which the Low were broken up.

The Low were formed in the winter of '91, and released their first CD, Shakespeare, My Butt, the same year. "We held a CD release party in the fall of 1991, no record companies bothered to show, so we began by selling CDs from the stage." says Ron, on their site Eventually they did get the support of a label, and the album saw wide release. The Low grew to be a pub favourite, and their live show helped solidify their place as the ultimate drunkard's dream. They ended up co-headlining the 1993 CFNY Edgefest, a festival which has now become one of the biggest selling concerts of the summer in Canada. They even had their own CBC "Ear To The Ground" television special.

Signing with LSD records, the Low released Hallucigenia in 1994, and promptly broke up at the height of their fame (or so they thought). Fans were satisfied for the next few years by Ron Hawkins constant solo efforts, including his releases with Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails, but the band was done. Most assumed this was it.

In 2000, whispers began collecting into a roar, and it was announced that the Low were indeed returning for a short tour fittingly called "Return of the Living Assholes". The Low played the largest venues in their career, selling out the Warehouse in Toronto two nights in a row, as well as several sell-out shows in Buffalo. For many, it was like a high school reunion, seeing friends for the first time in six years; for others, like myself, it was the first chance at experiencing something they'd long thought they never would be able to.

But it didn't end there. After the Rusty Nails put out what was to be their final release, the Low continued touring sporatically, and, to the surprise of everyone, released a double-disc live/studio set in December of 2001, which included 2 brand new studio Low songs, a few new live Low songs, and a Bad Religion cover. They also cover Art Bergmann. It is a great time to be a Lowest of the Low fan, and we're all trying to take advantage of it before they disband once again.


Shakespeare, My Butt
Released: 1991 - Yes Boy/A&M Records
Produced and Engineered by: Andy Koyama

1. 4 O'clock Stop
2. So Long Bernie
3. Just About "The Only" Blues
4. Salesmen, Cheats and Liars
5. Rosy and Grey
6. Kinda' the Lonely One
7. Eternal Fatalist
8. For the Hand of Magdelena
9. Subversives
10. Bleed a Little While Tonight
11. Bloodline
12. St Brendan's Way
13. Letter From Bilbao
14. Under the Carlaw Bridge
15. The Taming of Carolyn
16. Gossip Talkin' Blues
17. Henry Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Released: 1994 - LSD/A&M Records
Produced and Engineered by: Don Smith

1. Pistol
2. That Song About Trees & Kites
3. City Full of Cowards
4. Eating the Rich
5. Gamble
6. Dogs of February
7. Black Monday
8. Beer, Graffiti Walls
9. 7th Birthday
10. Penedono's Hand
11. Life Imitates Art
12. Last Lost Generation
13. Motel 30
14. Night of the Living Assholes

Nothing Short of a Bullet
Released: 2001 - Yes Boy Records
Produced and Mixed by: John C. Arnott

Live Disc
1. Motel 30
2. Eternal Fatalist
3. Gamble
4. Kinda the Lonely One
5. *The Unbearable Lightness of Jean
6. Salesmen, Cheats and Liars
7. Dogs of February
8. City Full of Cowards
9. Bleed a Little While Tonight
10. Gossip Talkin' Blues
11. Eating the Rich
12. For the Hand of Magdelena
13. Black Monday
14. Penedono's Hand
15. 4 O'clock Stop
16. Beer, Graffiti Walls
17. Rosy and Grey
Studio Disc
1. *(These Are) The Lives and Times
2. *New Westminster Taxi Squad
3. **Kerosene

* - Never before released
** - Bad Religion cover song

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