Cork City

Second largest city in the Republic of Ireland. Its name is derived from the Gaelic word Corcaigh meaning 'marsh'. The city was built on an island in the swampy estuary (now drained) of the river Lee.

Many of the river channels that ran through the city are now built over. One of the main thoroughfares was one such waterway. Today the boathouse gateways and anchorage points can still be seen among the shops.

St. Finbarr founded a monastery in Cork in the seventh century. St Finn Barre's Catherdral, in the French-Gothic style, now stands on that location. Cork is blessed with many fine churches in the Gothic tradition.

Vikings plundered the monastery but eventually settled and helped build the city into an important port. Henry II claimed the city following an Anglo-Norman invasion in 1172.

Cork has always rebelled against foreign subjugation earning it the sobriquet the 'Rebel County'.

Landmarks include

The city is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic (92%) with a smattering of Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Methodist and Jewish.

Patrick Street, Oliver Plunkett street host high street stores and supermarkets.Vibes and Sribes is a purveyor of second hand music. Comet Records is good for trendy techno. Easons sells books and magazines. Digilog sells PC components. There are some charity shops and thrift stores.

There are many interesting pubs to check out. For traditional music check out the Spailpin Faneach. The Bodega is a trendy bar. Nancy Spains is a gig venue.

Sir Henry's is worth a visit. Freakscence on Wednesday is a popular night out for indie kids. The Savoy opened a few months ago and is the biggest club in the city.

The People
Cork people (Corkonians) are generally held to be the fastest speakers in the country. Their accent is especially held up to ridicule. The Cork accent goes up and down in pitch a lot. I've heard it compared to Chinese. Furthermore, there is a local lingo unique to the city. Corkonians believe that their city is the true capital of Ireland and that local boy Jack Lynch was the best Taoiseach (prime minister) the country every had. They also sing sentimental songs about the river Lee which flows through the city (sometimes known as the river Pee). Corkonians know their county is the best in the world at hurling.

Cork is a self-proclaimed nuclear free zone.