"Be a Dumbass, Get a Cookie" is an age-old game, traditionally played with good friends. Basically, the concept is to come up with an action or activity that is disgusting, humiliating, or otherwise distasteful, then see if you can get someone (generally a friend) to do it in exchange for a small incentive.

The Ante:
Typically, the ante consists of a small sum of money, ranging from ten cents to five dollars (and never exceeding ten dollars). Other, non-monetary incentive may also be contributed to the ante. Non-monetary considerations will generally be in the form of favors, privileges, or food. It is customary for all audience members/friends of the victim to contribute to the ante. Occasionally, the victim will be willing to perform the task for free, but don't count on it.

The Task:
Here is where you really have to get creative. Sure, you can go the easy route and have someone scream something humiliating while running through a public area, but there is just so much more potential in this game. Many practical jokes may be modified slightly to fit the criteria. For this step, you really just have to use your imagination. The only piece of advice that I can offer is: Always push the envelope. But please bear in mind that, while not strictly forbidden, it is generally looked-down upon to use this game as a means to convince someone to engage in illegal activity.

The Victim:
As I mentioned above, the victim should usually be a good friend, mostly because it is more fun to see someone that you know humiliate themself. The toughest part about selecting a victim is convincing them to subject themself to your devilry. Unlike the typical prank, this game is extremely delicate in that the victim must necessarily be a willing participant.

Regarding Foods: When the task is to consume some sort of foul concoction, one ought to specify a certain duration that the "food" must stay down in order to get the specified reward. If they expel the food before this, then the reward is forfeit.
Regarding Publicity: Always publicize the event as much as possible. The purpose of this is to increase the pressure on the victim, since the task is generally not one that they want a large audience to see.

  • For $10, Dgrnx drank a carton of "Original Dairy Thick". Dairy Thick is milk that has been thickened to have the consistency of honey (it is manufactured for consumption by invalids with "swallowing problems"). Basically, it looks like semen. Though he had difficulty, he managed to keep it down, and that deserves applause.
  • For a Mountain Dew, Haschel47 ran through the high school yelling, "I love kitties!!".
  • Though we don't pay TanisNikana, it (he doesn't want his gender revealed, so I am using the gender neutral pronoun) frequently humiliates itself publicly (usually by accident).
  • For $5, GhettoAardvark ran around the school with his shirt over his head, holding a buchner funnel like a torch, yelling, "I'm the caboose on the man train!!!"
  • For $1, my brother drew a thick, veiny dick on a dollar bill, then used it to pay the school lunch-ladies.