It is worth noting that the 99-level Ancient Cave in Lufia 2 has a very serious bug in it--at least in some cartridges. Since there is no way to save inside the Ancient Cave, you have to complete the whole dungeon in one sitting, and it took me around 6 hours to get to the bottom. This was, of course, after the multitude of trips in and out of the cave to find blue-chest items (the only items you can take out with you), as well as two multi-hour failed ventures in which death found me at levels 80 and 84. So, when I finally battled my way all the way down to level 99, I was very excited. What I was supposed to see (I later learned) was a normal looking dungeon level with an aisle leading to a jelly monster. What I actually saw was a crazy melange of random tiles where the walls were supposed to be, and another bizarre-looking tile representing my party. Still able to see the path to the monster, I walked over to him--and the game crashed. Needless to say, I was pissed.

Later a friend told me that he had made it to level 99 of the Ancient Cave and everything went normally for him. So, the next time I had a spare 6 hours, I gave it another try and made it to the bottom once again. Same results.

I later heard from a different friend who told me that he had encountered the same bug; he didn't feel inclined to try the dungeon again. I don't know if certain cartridges are buggy, or if this can happen on any cartridge given the proper assortment of circumstances, but all players might want to take this into consideration before putting in the massive amount of time required to master the Ancient Cave.