The only real way to get around in Final Fantasy 7. The gold chocobo can walk over any terrain - desert, ocean, mountains, forests. It is the only way to get some of the most powerful artifacts in the game. Gold chocobos cannot be caught - they can only be bred, and then only from special colored chocobos (yellow, green, blue, and black) that preceed them. Even with all of the information for breeding a gold chocobo at your fingertips, it's still a tedious process, and those who can honestly say that they've done it deserve a respect similar to those who can get the babel fish...

Getting that gold chocobo in Final Fantasy VII is quite a pain, but it's something you have to do if you want to get the Knights of the Round summon. Here is the method I used to get my gold chocobo (this information can be found on the millions of walkthroughs on the web, but I tried to filter out some of the sillier myths like "if you walk clockwise around the chocobo farm 30 times, you'll get a blue chocobo everytime you try!!!"): (NOTE: I have heard rumors that this process does not work on the PC version of Final Fantasy VII; I cannot say for sure as I have only played the Playstation version)

STEP 1: Go to the Chocobo Farm and buy some'll need the room for all the chocobos you're gonna breed. I reccommend getting four of them.

STEP 2: Get at least 50 Syklis Greens from the Chocobo Sage (very expensive), more if you can afford it. You'll need these later.

STEP 3: Get 3 Carob Nuts. You can steal these off the Vladorakos monster who appears randomly on the square island south of Bone Village.

STEP 4: Get 1 Zeio Nut. You can steal these off of Goblins; they appear on the forest-covered island in the northeast group of islands (just head straight east from Bone Village).

STEP 5: Catch a "Good" chocobo from the tracks near the Golden Saucer. (NOTE: Choco Billy will tell you the quality of each chocobo you capture) "Good" chocobos will appear with 2 Spencer monsters.

STEP 6: Catch a "Great" chocobo from the tracks near Mideel; Great chocobos will appear with Spiral monsters. This chocobo must be the opposite sex as your "Good" chocobo (otherwise it's tough to breed them).

(NOTE: Chocobo sex is not determined until you bring it into the ranch, so if you need your newly caught chocobo to be a particular sex, save it right before you go in to the farm, and you can reset if you get unlucky)

STEP 7: Save, then mate your chocobos with a Carob Nut. This will (hopefully) produce a green or blue chocobo. If this fails, reset and retry. Once it works you can release your parent chocobos.

STEP 8: Repeat steps 5-7, but use oppositely sexed chocobos (i.e. if you used a male "Great" chocobo before, use a female one this time). You'll want to produce an oppositely sexed and colored chocobo than the one you got in Step 7 (i.e. if you produced a female green chocobo before, now you need a male blue chocobo). Again, the mating can take a few tries to get it right, but probably not more than 3 or 4.

STEP 9: Feed each of your new chocobos Syklis greens until their stats stop growing. Race each one at the Gold Saucer until it reaches at least class A; class S is even better. The higher ranked the chocobos are, the better the chance the next mating will give you the results you want.

STEP 10: Mate your green and blue chocobos with a carob nut. Hopefully this will get you a black chocobos. Keep resetting and remating until it works. You can release the green and blue chocobos now if you want.

STEP 11: Repeat step #9 with your black chocobo.

STEP 12: Catch a "Wonderful" chocobo at the tracks in the Icicle Area; these will apear with jumping monsters (no bandersnatch monsters can be present). The Wonderful chocobo must be the opposite sex of your black chocobo. Repeat step #9 with this chocobo.

STEP 13 (last one): Mate your Wonderful and black chocobos with your Zeio Nut. This step can take awhile, I think i had to reset 15 times before I finally got my--GOLD CHOCOBO!

And that's all there is to it! (bleh) Once you have it you can reach the island at the northeast corner of the world (the island does not appear on the map) and get the Knights of the Round materia.

There is also one other way to get a gold chocobo, and that is by defeating the Ruby Weapon; however, this is incredibly difficult to do without the Knights of the Round materia (I'm not even sure if it's possible), which you need the Gold Chocobo to get. It's a crushing Catch-22.

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