...is almost purely physiological. Sure, there are differences in our instincts, but as we are thinking, feeling humans, we can act against those instincts. The cognitive differences are caused by sexually differential child-raising practices.

If any phrase is going to make me hate a comedian, it is, "you know what the difference between men and women is?" Yes, yes I do know. I know because 5 billion comedians before you have pointed it out. And someone forwarded me "The top 80,000 differences between men and women". And I've read all the writeups in I will REMOVE the fucking toilet seat if you don't shut up.

(Incidentally, the same applies to black comedians who hilariously point out the difference between black people and white people. Over and over again. But that's another node.)

I was stunned once though by an American comedian* whose name escapes me. He had noticed this repetition and written a piece about it:

"...the difference between men and women, the difference between men and women. Lots of people talk about the differnce between men and women nowadays. But they forget that men and women are very similar in many ways.

"Like, for instance, when they are on fire.

"You see, it's not like when men and women are on fire, the man will run around going 'Goddamit, I'm missing the game' and the women is thinking 'Oh, I wish I was shopping and not on fire'. It just tends to be 'help, help, I'm in agonising pain' all round."

Actually, seven years later, I've discovered who this comedian is, thanks to The TickTockMan. It's Dave Attell!

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