An RPG by Squaresoft released for the Super Famicom in 1995, an official English translation was never released, however, some hackers have put a translation together and it can be found rather easily.

I have only played the game for about two hours thus far, but it seems to be very interesting and very unorthodox, to say the least.

First, unlike virtually every other RPG in existence, RS3 has no linear plot. You're in the world, and your character may have some inkling to go somewhere, but the rest is up to you. This means the opportunity for wandering off into subquests is a large one, it also means that you have to literally find the main plot. Traveling from town to town, talking to as many people as you can to get hints.

To compound matters further, at the beginning you choose from one of eight characters of varying backgrounds. So far it appears their fates are atleast related, but I have heard that each character will eventually travel down a completly different plot and that some decisions made by you will affect this plot as well. For even more fun, you get to customize your character, their rank in society, their choice of weapon and so on. As far as replay value goes RS3 is great.

The game appears to have atleast two, possibly more, systems of combat. The first is the standard Final Fantasy style with a few modifications. The second is epic Army vs. Army style where you give sweeping tactical commands.

My one gripe with the game so far is the translation. Being unofficial, and being a hack, I wasn't expecting Shakespeare, still, its hackitude shows. You can tell the the translator(s) did not have the best of command over the English language which leads to some confusion and some chuckles over "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US"-esque statements. Still, for a hacked up, 6 year-old ROM, it's pretty durn good.

(author's note: the space between "Sa" and "Ga" is intentional)

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