So I went to a Limp Bizkit show tonight. Don't ask why, I'm not really into their music. It was free and supported by Napster.

Pretty much what I expected: suburban teenagers in various states of undress, some pleasing to the eye, some not so. I stood above and to the side of the crowds, pretty much an impartial observer. The crowd thrashed the night away, stage-diving, crowd surfing, etc. I noticed their obiedience; three thousand people responding to a single command. I noticed how Fred Durst moves like a monkey (sort of sings like one, too.). There was much "eff you-ing" going on. Seemed like a whole lot of misdirected anger to me.

The whole thing made me feel alienated and out of place. But in the middle of the last song (The Nookie, I believe), two cannons at either end of the stage began to spew smoke and confetti. Moving blue and yellow lights, along with a few strobes illuminated the air, and the crowd seemed to throb in slow motion. At first, the whole affair seemed ridiculous in light of the heavy screeching music that was playing, but I soon became entraced by the lights and colors, the almost-sad nature of confetti, the echos of a hi-hat on a wall, and especially the energy of the crowd. Suddenly this monstrous, angry show had turned quietly beautful for me.

When I woke up from wherever the hell I was, I realized that the band had left without saying goodbye, and that the crowd had started to file out without asking for an encore.

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