(I really wasn’t going to do a w/u here out of fear that half of my stuff will be about gatherings… but this gathering really needs some hype!!!)

You Didn’t Hear? There’s a Gathering in Toronto and YOU are invited!

Come one! Come all! An under-hyped gathering will be taking place in Toronto!

My Offerings:

I Will Bring, But Not Offer:

  • My Camera (It’s Spiffy!)
  • My Bathing Suit (the hotel DOES have an indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi)!
  • Money (How else am I going to buy me a Cabana Boy?).

Other Information:

I will also be staying at the Courtyard Marriott on Younge Street in Toronto.

My Cell Number is 716-307-2900

Any noders need a ride? If you can get a train or a plane to Buffalo, NY on Saturday, you have a ride! Or a car to Olean, NY, you have a ride! Or an airplane to Albany, NY on Friday, I can give you a ride that way too! There are many ways! I could possibly even pick people up in Rochester, NY or Syracuse, NY of Friday also! /msg me! We can work something out!

If anyone wants, I want to go to the Medieval Times Theatre on Sunday! Anyone else?

And remember…It’s not the size of the gathering that matters, it’s how much fun you have!

This is what happened...

This gathering marked the first day of the rest of my life. Let me explain...

I woke up on Saturday and took my comprehensive exam for my Masters Degree. This was nerve racking. After the exam, I scurried home and packed my bag for Toronto.

Arriving a few minutes late, I speed in to The Buffalo Galleria. Before I even park, I see Zaph. I recognized him from the picture he sent me and he is walking towards my car. I smile and hug him.

Before we drive to Toronto, we decide to get some food. We both order pizza from Sbarro's and I notice him eating his crust first. I think he notices me doing the same. After a half hour of conversation and me convincing myself that he won't kill me, we embark on our journey. Before we can start the drive, we need to park my car somewhere it won't get ticketed. With no brilliant ideas, we decide on the airport parking lot.

The ride up was wonderful. I learn that Jeff voted for a third party candidate and that he is a free thinker. We also find out that I've met his mother! When I was a teenager, I fell off a bike while visiting my grandmother in Fredonia, NY. His mother was the x-ray tech. that did the x-ray on my arm! Small world!

We realize that we are going to be a little late as we hit construction. Finally we arrive, check in and take a cab to the Amsterdam. As we arrive, we meet anthropod, Lord Brawl, Xamot and his friend Mike. We enjoy some drinks. After a while, birdonmyshoulder* joins us!

After a while, Lord Brawl took us for this long walk to a restaurant. I tried to pay the bill but he made me split it. What a great guy!

After that, Lord Brawl split and we went to El Macumbo. I know everyone loved it, but I have to say it -- the music sucked! They all had just had too much alcohol to notice! We did have fun. We danced silly dances and look at Canadian Porn on TV.

After our great outing, we went back to the hotel where Jeff, Tom and I hung out. The boys both got a picture laying on the bed with me and we got silly. After Tom left, I told Jeff that it didn't matter how much we drank, we weren't hooking up (not that he tried). I told him I purposely didn't shave my legs so that we couldn't hook up. He got a good laugh out of that one.

The next morning, Tom, Jeff, Mike and I ate a farewell breakfast. Jeff treated for us all. It was really nice of him. After we all said our goodbyes, Jeff and I drove back to New York.

We continued to have intense conversation the whole trip back. When he dropped my off at my car, he gave me the "I want to kiss you, but don't know if it's okay" look. He didn't and I thought that would be that.

A few weeks after the gathering we got together and spent the day together. Now Jeff and I are engaged. Who would have guessed?

Other thoughts...

  • Xamot is a wicked cool guy. We met at Hot Damn and I was psyched to see him again.
  • Lord Brawl wasn't scary at all! He was a great guy! I was so expecting to be intimidated by him, but he was a sweetie!
  • anthropod was intriguing and intelligent. I had never really chatted with her before, but what a swell gal!
  • I loved birdonmyshoulder*. I did have to tell her how annoying her E2 name is to type though. She laughed and told me she never thought of it.
  • I'm sure after reading this, you know what I think of zaph.

This is being reposted. Xamot had a little bit of a fit after a controversial and temporary negative slant about gathering posts was projected during a discussion by editors.

"(r) 2002.04.10@00:21 Xamot says I'm very sorry. It was a rash decision. I'll ask a god about fixing my mistake. Please repost."