The Hoe of Destruction was a powerful artifact found in the game Ultima VII: The Black Gate. It was exactly what its name indicates: a hoe before which few enemies could stand.

Why is one of the most powerful weapons in the game a hoe? The Guardian had long been fiddling with the magical ether in Britannia, and as a result, mages who continued to use magic became more and more batty, until they finally either gave it up or went insane. One such mage was implored by a farmer to enchant his hoe so that it would work better, and was also asked by a soldier to turn his sword into a sword of destruction.

The mage got the orders mixed up and gave the soldier a sword good only for whacking weeds and the farmer the acclaimed Hoe of Destruction.

The farmer, not really needing a Hoe of Destruction, locked it up nice and safe in his tool shed. Then he lost the key.

How to Find the Hoe of Destruction

Make sure you have a sextant. Go to Loch Lake (east of Britain) and proceed north to 2 N, 48 E. Look around on the ground near the shore for fish. Double-click on each fish to search it; one of them contains the key to the shed. Return to the shed at 22 S, 25 E, open it with the key and claim the Hoe of Destruction.