What you need:

A duct tape wallet is a simple, yet fun, creation. First, start by cutting 8 strips of tape the length of an unfolded wallet, approximetly nine inches long. Now comes the tricky part, take two strips and attach them together, sticky side to sticky side, so you have a solid, non-sticky piece of tape. Repeat for all the strips cut so far. You're going to want to be careful because you don't want to have any little tape folds in the combined strip.

Once done, 4 more strips of tape should be cut with the same length as the first 8. Next, place the 4 non-sticky pieces together in pairs, with the long sides touching. Apply a new piece of tape to attach both strips together into a sheet. Repeat for the other side.

Once the sheets have been made, two more strips of tape need to be cut, the same length as the ones before. The procedure above will need to be repeated again, but with a twist. Apply the first piece of tape as above, then fold the two sheets together, so that the new tape is on the inside. Apply the other piece of tape to the outside. Cut two more pieces to seal the shorter ends of the wallet on the sides.

Now the wallet needs to be able to fold, and fit into your pocket. Take the scissor and make a long, thin V in the middle of one of the sheets, with the open part of the V facing towards the open part of the wallet, and the thin part at the base. Cut a few small strips of tape to patch the V back up. Do not patch it right back up however. Lay piece on the inside of the inside of the wallet and fold it closed, so that it is comfortable in the closed position. Repeat on the outside of the inside of the wallet. To try and clarify, attach the tape to one half of the inside of the wallet, closing the wallet will then stick the tape to the other half of the wallet. Let the wallet do the work.

At this point your wallet may be too flimsy for your tastes. If so, cut and add more strips of tape and beef it up a bit. I suggest you make it a bit thicker as it's pretty thin at this point.

If I've explained this well at all, all that should be left to do is to put a little pocket for ID cards, credit cards, and other nonsense. This is done in a similar manner to the wallet. Cut two smaller strips of tape and attach them sticky side to sticky side. These two strips should be a smidge bigger than a card Tape this non-sticky piece to the inside of the wallet. Make sure that he sides and bottom are attached, and a card cannot fall out.

Done! Now have some fun with your wallet. I have Black Sabbath/WAAF sticker on there, a Newbury Comics sticker, and it's been signed by Wayne Static of Static-X, as well as Oderus Orungus and Slymenstra Hymen from Gwar. Feel free to draw or add anything you want too.

A picture could be added by covering it with clear packing tape and taping that on. Don't be limited.

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