Almost three a.m. sleep is lost to me tonight so I wander the tracks of my life and gaze at the new twists let out from old paths. I have always been a nomad and now I seem to be finding the fruition of this past. My personal posessions, worn down by constant moves, have settled into a small collection of clothes, cd’s, and too many books, about to be made smaller by the times ahead.

I live with Templeton right now on a futon under a window and daily I hope that some local employment will come my way. Roaming the Quarter everyday getting turned down for work is starting to wear me down. I only want to work for a few weeks so that I can afford to get a few things together and take a job on a fishing boat. This is the current goal I have, work offshore for a few months so that I don’t have to get a place or pay any bills and then buy another motorcycle, visit some friends and head to South America next fall. Travel the world for a while and go back to sea when the money runs out.

This idea fits my current state of mind so well I can’t see anything else as a possibility right now. My life is so unanchored so utterly erratic (just likeI always have been, I wonder why so many people groan when they find out I am a Pisces?) that travel is the only thing that makes sense. I must go. I will go. What else am I going to do?

This idea holds to me all the time no matter how I feel, and that is a rare thing for me, something not to be wasted. I can’t fucking wait.

venting at 3am WOO HOO